Chances are you’ve gone through more than a few rounds of focus groups by now in the hopes of:

  • unearthing the next big consumer trend before your competition,
  • revamping an existing product,
  • improving your customer relationships
  • solving chronic employee issues,

or reaching the heart of any number of other matters.

Chances are you’ve walked away wondering if you’ll ever get more out of the process than a superficial set of bullet points to help you navigate your complex situation.

Don’t get me wrong: focus groups can be a highly effective data collection tool.  I’ve done plenty of them to rave reviews.  However, they become a problem when they’re the only tool in the toolbox.

At Demograph Consulting, we specialize in tools.  In fact, we continually collect and hone research methodologies from a wide range of fields so that we can customize data collection –and problem solving–to your needs.  Because in the end you probably don’t care if your information comes from a case-control study, ethnographic research, a quantitative survey instrument, or even a focus group, as long as you get the depth of knowledge and the certainty of direction you’re looking for.  We can deliver that.