Goal: Help Sir Richard’s/Kore Condoms, a new start-up with a “Tom’s Shoes” business model, to assess the success of its condom donation program in Haiti, while keeping costs and logistical glitches to a minimum.

Outcome: With a donation program of 500,000 condoms already underway, the firm realized that although it had done a thorough job on designing a high-quality, appealing product for its target donation market in Haiti, it had no plan in place to measure the success of the program.  We pointed out that the most efficient and effective plan would make use of local resources.  With that fact in mind, we designed a sustainable, “self-service” system for monitoring and evaluating the new condom distribution program, including logic model, written survey and oral interview instruments, and coding and analysis guides.

Beyond the evaluation, the “self-service” model added additional ROI.  First, it promoted job creation for local the staff who would run the evaluation program.  Second , the inter-agency collaboration with health organizations and NGOs that the evaluation fostered would lead to improved distribution streams for the condom donation program.